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As a small business owner, you want to focus on your business.  However, bookkeeping and maintaining records is a necessity of every small business.  After reviewing your current bookkeeping records and process, Fresh Start Organizing will set up a bookkeeping system and process that is efficient and personalized to your business.  We can then transfer the bookkeeping tasks back to you, or we can continue to provide routine bookkeeping services.

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Office Organizing

At Fresh Start Organizing we will organize your office for functionality and appearance.  We will arrange your space so you can work productively, efficiently, and creatively at your job.

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Process Improvement

Get organized, be productive, and spend more time on the revenue producing activities of your business.  Fresh Start Organizing will review your current processes and help you implement processes that are organized, efficient, and personalized to your business.

"Kim is wonderful! She has helped me get and keep my bookkeeping records under control and has really assisted with growing my business. In addition to helping with bookkeeping, I have been able to take some of her recommendations for organizing and overall, I have a happier, healthier household! I highly recommend her services!" 

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