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Senior Downsizing and Moving Services

Downsizing and moving can be overwhelming and stressful.  It is a major life transition that you go through one, or maybe a few times, so you are not expected to be an expert; let alone the physical demands of moving all your items.  Fresh Start Organizing has the skills and resources to coordinate your move and do the work.  We will listen to your needs and come up with an efficient plan, but you remain in control.  We can help you: sort and take away the items you no longer need, finding the best source of reimbursement for you; prepare your current home to sell; pack, move, and unpack your items; and more.

Starting early can help remove some anxiety from the transition by allowing you to set the pace.

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"I hired them to organize my home when we moved in to our home especially my quilt and craft room and they did an AWESOME job because she has an understanding in both those fields. I really enjoyed her personally because she was very easy to work with and she wanted to make sure that her client was happy with the work that was being done. She is not overbearing, the client is always in charge...

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