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Getting Your Car In The Garage

Did the Snow Catch You Off Guard?

A garage is meant to house your car from the elements, unless it doesn’t fit into your garage! If you are getting up earlier to get your car defrosted, or simply frustrated that you are not able to use your garage for its intended purpose, it may be time for a

Fresh Start.

At Fresh Start Organizing, we can help you determine what needs to be in your garage and what can go elsewhere. We often begin this process by sorting what is in your garage into categories and subcategories, and can make suggestions of how valuable or useful items are. Many clients find their garage has become a “catch-all” area and determining the value of items in the garage helps with the organizing process.

Here are some tips to help you form a plan of action for your garage:

  • Assess and plan: Take note of what you have stored from past interests compared to what your interests are now.

  • Sort and Quick-Toss: Sort items into logical categories, and then sub-categories where needed. During this time, quick-toss (or set aside for donation or consignment) items that you immediately know you do not want.

  • Declutter: Now that the items are categorized, ask two questions. Is this category still relevant? Do I have more than I need in a category? Off-load (trash, recycle, donate, or consign) any items that you do not need.

  • Declare a Home: First determine if the garage is still the most practical place to keep an item or category. If not, move it to the new location, and if it does stay in the garage, find a home for each category. Be sure to make use of the vertical space with shelves, hooks, or stack-able containers. Label containers where necessary.

  • Follow-Up: Be sure to take your trash, recyclables, donations, or consignment items to the appropriate locations as soon as possible. A semi-annual routine for cleaning out the garage is usually ideal.

(Original Article from Learn to Organize, Sara Pederson, 2013, and edited by Fresh Start Organizing)

At Fresh Start Organizing, we will work with you to get your garage organized in a practical manner for you, and deliver items to the landfill, recycling center, donation site, or consignment shop, with any earnings from consignment items sent directly to you. You will enjoy your Fresh Start and be ready to get that car in the garage!

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