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Recycling vs. Trash

At Fresh Start Organizing, we hear a great deal of clients wishing to recycle items. While this is always a wonderful option, and certainly and individual choice, we do warn that recycling should not disrupt the process of organizing. Often individuals have the best intentions of removing unwanted items, but find that rather than leaving the home, it becomes an on-going “to-go” pile. If you have found you have more than one “to-go” pile in your home, you may be one of these individuals. At Fresh Start Organizing, we will help you determine what can be donated or recycled but, sometimes trash is just trash. Additionally, many recycling centers are enforcing stricter regulations on contaminated materials. With this, we recommend sticking to recycling basics - strong recycling materials such as:


Aluminum cans

PET Plastic bottles and jars (signaled by recycling symbol surrounding the number 1)


Corrugated Cardboard


HDPE Plastic Containers (signaled by recycling symbol surrounding the number 2)

Remember to flatten cardboard, empty and rinse any containers and remove lids.

We tell our clients, when in doubt, throw it out (as trash). At Fresh Start Organizing, we believe it is better to live in a relaxing atmosphere free of clutter, and sometimes that means putting aside the tedious separation of trash from recyclables or potential donations, to get the job done. When you have finished the de-cluttering process, then start fresh with your recycling, making sure to learn what items are recyclable, and how they should be presented, in your area. You can also start a bin or location where to put donations as you discover other items you no longer need. As always, we can help you through the process!

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