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Sorting Advice

“But I might need this!” It’s okay, you are not alone on wanting to hold onto items "just in case". We advise looking at the value of the item or items in question. This is an easier question to answer than many may think.

Do you have multiples of things because you couldn’t find what you were looking for, purchased another one, and now feel that you should keep them all because you spent money on them? Consider the value of the space in your home. Do you need three soup ladles? Probably not, even though you spent money on them, those additional soup ladles are taking up space making it harder to find something else you need and starting the vicious circle of not finding what your looking for, purchasing another, and so on.

Do you keep a stock of medications in kitchens and bathrooms to have on hand if someone gets sick? Check expiration dates to make sure they are still current. Over time, products can expire and lose effectiveness. Other items to consider are contact lenses and solutions, condiments and other staples in the kitchen, and cleaners.

Do you buy in bulk or stock up on items that are on sale? While that can be a thrifty and wise choice, be sure they are items you truly use often or truly need. Outside of items expiring, or the temptation to buy something just because it is "on sale", consider the cost of storing the item. Storage space, like living space, costs money. Additionally, without purchasing storage containers or other storage solutions to keep them it, the items can become dirty, damp, damaged, and/or ruined.

At Fresh Start Organizing, we assist clients in looking at the big picture when sorting items purchased in bulk or "on sale" for future use. We asses the value of the items, cost of storing the items, and potential monetary return on off-loading the items. In addition, we consider the client, their personality, and their thoughts of owning less or more. However, most have felt a burden lifted when making the decision to reduce the items in their home.

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