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Price List

Consultation Fee:

$25.00, on-site, up to one hour, refunded with the prepayment of a Service Package

Service by the Hour:

$50.00 plus reimbursable fees

Service Packages:

Prepayment required and secures dates of service

Includes reduced hourly rates and estimated reimbursable fees

Refund or charge for difference between prepaid and actual

Package    Hourly Rate     Prepayment Amount

8 Hours         $47.50            $500

16 Hours       $45.00            $800

32 Hours       $42.50         $1,500

64 Hours       $40.00         $2,800 (additional hours continue at $40 per hour)


Cost is per person; consists of on-site work, disbursement of items, shopping

Reimbursable Fees:

Disposal fees; supplies; other items and services approved by customer

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