2020 Fresh Start Organizing




    As soon as you start to think about moving or downsizing, contact Fresh Start Organizing.  We can coordinate the entire process and remove the stress.  Along with our team at Fresh Start, we have a network of partners that can provide specific services.  We coordinate and work with them for the most efficient use of time and resources:

    We will:

    • Sort your items and make arrangements to redistribute the items you no longer want

    • Help you determine what option will be most profitable for selling your items

    • Prepare your home to sell by making it attractive to customers while remaining comfortable for you

    • Pack your belongings while looking ahead at the combined efficacy for every phase of the move

    • Coordinate with moving companies to assure we work together to utilize the best process and efficient outcome

    • Unpack and organize your new home

    Tidy Closet


    Cleaning out an estate can be emotionally and physically hard for the family, as well as time consuming.  Fresh Start Organizing will handle the clean out with efficiency and care.  We will organize the items left behind by loved ones so the family can easily look through them.  We will make arrangements to sell the unwanted items and prepare the property to sell.


    At Fresh Start Organizing, we will look at the bigger picture to help you realize the larger goal of having a home that is relaxing and efficient.  We will look at your surroundings and develop a plan that works for you in your home.

    Neat Storage Boxes


    We will organize your photos, printed or digital, so that you can enjoy and share them.  This may include simply gathering them and getting them organized in a logical manner, or we can go a step further and get them in an album.


    As a small business owner, you want to focus on your business.  However, bookkeeping and maintaining records is a necessity of every small business.  After reviewing your current bookkeeping records and process, Fresh Start Organizing will set up a bookkeeping system and process that is efficient and personalized to your business.  We can then transfer the bookkeeping tasks back to you, or we can continue to provide routine bookkeeping services.


    Get organized, be productive, and spend more time on the revenue producing activities of your business.  Fresh Start Organizing will review your current processes and help you implement processes that are organized, efficient, and personalized to your business.


    At Fresh Start Organizing we will organize your office for functionality and appearance.  We will arrange your space so you can work productively, efficiently, and creatively at your job.