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...Kim started addressing the action plan at the time of consultation ... She exceeded my expectations when it came to working efficiently and was so practical in her suggestions ... And Kim worked so hard! And she did not quit until the job was done that I gave her...I would highly recommend her for any organizing and also to work with Packing/ moving companies.

Grateful for you, Kim!!  You got me on track and in organize mode...feeling inspired to finish up the room now and I ordered the cube storage and oil rack you talked about!!  I'm looking forward to having that space all set up and the books put away.  I picked up 3 more clear filing boxes at WalMart today.

Your help was exactly what I needed to get my space organized and more functional!

You won't regret hiring her. Hard working,fast, non judgmental.

I hired them to organize my home when we moved in to our home especially my quilt and craft room and they did an AWESOME job because she has an understanding in both those fields. I really enjoyed her personally because she was very easy to work with and she wanted make sure that her client was happy with the work that was being done. She is not overbearing, the client is always in charge. I am working with her now while I am moving out and I wish I could take her with me so she can organize me at the next place.

She was great. I used her to clean out my garage and I needed help with quite a few items. She came over and got everything organized. She hauled all of the trash away for me. She is very frugal about things and wastes no time. She makes sure your money is spent well.

"Unlike ANYTHING I've lived before in my Military & Ex-Military Life I found that I had become a hoarder.  I finally came to the realization that I NEEDED HELP to De-Clutter and Re-Organize my Apartment & God led me to find your Company, Freshstart Organizing. Kim, I really Admired your Hard work when it came to De-Cluttering my Apartment, and I Loved your Attention to Detail when it came to Re-Organizing my Apartment.  I strongly recommend your Company, Freshstart Organizing, to Anyone who needs help De-Cluttering and Re-Organizing their Apartment,  Home etc.  Thank you Kim for ALL your hard work to get my Apartment "squared away"(military term)!

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